Ocean Foods Thailand Co., Ltd. was established in 1994 as a manufacturer of kitchen ingredients, spices, corn starch and cassava starch under "OFT" brand. All raw materials are selected from fresh farm produces through our selective process. We have our own inventory storehouse which guarantees freshness of all materials.

We use modern and hygienic packaging system which will ensure freshness and nutritious quality of all our products.

As of today, our company is known for its product quality and its broad range of selections which cover most Thai culinary needs. We are a manufacturer of crushed garlic, crushed lemongrass, red onion powder, citrus powder, and many more. We also produce corn starch, cassava starch as well as cooking ingredients such as fish sauce, vinegar (under "DS" brand), oyster sauce and so on.

Our marketing strategy for the future includes expanding both domestic and international markets. We have also added more selections to our existing wide range of products. We are currently improving our packaging to meet customer's demand and to suit current market trends. Many members of Thai food industry are our loyal customers. They include manufacturers of instant food products, snacks, restaurants, hotels, bakery shops, and other food-related companies.

All the support from these companies helps our business to expand continuously and our trademark quality well established.